Smart TV background

History of Smart TV 

Smart TV was launched in 2005 as an initiative to standardise web content for CE devices. The main focus was to create a way to have a lean-back internet experience on CE devices without a major effort by the content industry. It quickly evolved into the CE-HTML standard and a wide scale pilot in The Netherlands in 2007 to test the content provider’s appetite for this new concept. In the course of the following year, Philips matured the technology and the integration of it into the CE devices, introducing Smart TV in part of its LED TV range in spring 2009. This introduction was accompanied by a mass-scale activity to attract content providers all over Europe and branded as Smart TV. Since then the Smart TV portal has grown towards its current position with hundreds of Apps available and a wide variety of Smart TV enabled products over multiple brands.

Mission statement

Smart TV is committed to providing partners with a platform to create interactive content on consumers' TV screens. Partnerships have been developed with key Consumer Electronic Companies due to our ambition and success at getting more consumers to enjoy Smart TV. You are able to get started with Smart TV quickly and create a rich, varied portfolio of Apps. The service is structured so consumers can select their favourite products and content from the Smart TV Apps portfolio, which is arranged by country and language.
Smart TV utilizes open solutions technology and Smart TV Apps can be developed using open standard (CE-HTML) systems or build on them processes. There is no pressure for our Smart TV partners to adopt 'tight grid' developments as you have the flexibility to create your own experiences. Straightforward onboarding with the Smart TV Partner Portal is accessible to enterprises that are interested in developing free-of-charge interactive experiences via their Smart TV app. The web portal can assist the development, validation and introduction of your Apps by providing support. Please use the App onboarding option to start developing your branded experience immediately.
Smart TV Brands: