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Below you can find some of the most relevant Smart TV Apps, that are very popular in most contries, including traffic-leading countries like The Netherlands, Germany or Brazil.


YouTube was one of the first video services to launch on the Smart TV portal in 2009 and remains a favorite among the Smart TV audience.


YouTube App on Smart TV


Netflix is probably the most popular video on demand service worldwide; this susbcription service has become one of the most popular apps in all the Smart TV countries where they are available.


Netflix App on Smart TV 


The famous music streaming service Spotify turns the TV into a music player with an intuitive and easy to use Smart TV app which has quickly become a favorite.


Spotify App on Smart TV


Video sharing service Dailymotion has also been on Smart TV for a long time, and it is very popular among users from all countries thanks to its immense variety of content.


Dailymotion App on Smart tV


One of the best features of a Smart TV is the possibility to play online games on the TV screen; Gametree was one of the first gaming services to launch a Smart TV app with funny games for the whole family.


GameTree App on Smart TV

Catch-up TV services Netherlands

Netherlands' firm RTL recently launched RTL XL, giving consumers the opportunity to catch up on their favorite shows broadcast on 4 of the company's channels. Other popular Catch up TV services that have launched include “Uitzending gemist” from NPO and Fox Sports NL.


RTL App on Smart TV


Many consumers are being driven to the Smart TV portal due to the variety of Smart TV Apps available. Preferred sites can be designated as favorites and there are lots more for consumers to discover at the Smart TV App gallery. 

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