Why publish on Smart TV?

You can interact with consumers in the comfort of their own homes via Smart TV. Our Smart TV partners bring their services straight to the TV screens of customers, resulting in direct and close contact with viewers. The success of Smart TV springs from its superior experience featuring response and dialogue options that complement entertainment and practical uses. 


Smart TV Dashboard

Customer satisfaction is high as Smart TV adds functionality to TV screens allowing consumers to view internet content from their sofas. By facilitating this process and transporting Apps to consumers' living rooms, we can help you develop a successful branded experience.

YouTube App

To find your Smart TV App, navigate to the App Gallery within the Smart TV. Apps are organised by country and category allowing users to save their preferences. Favorites are stored on their homepage and this allows consumers direct access to your App.







6 reasons to build a Smart TV App


  1. You can offer your content or service directly to where it has the most impact: in consumers' living rooms.
  2. As it's based on open internet standards, it is quick and easy to build.
  3. You can re-use your existing PC-website assets because of the open internet standards platform.
  4. Choose from a variety of business models including paid content, advertising and e-commerce.
  5. Your Smart TV app will be promoted in the Smart TV App gallery for free and be directly accessible by consumers.
  6. Branded experience Apps increase your ability to reach a new target group.
Smart TV Brands: