How to Build for Smart TV

Build Your App for Smart TV Alliance Compliant TV's


Smart TV Alliance's mission is to create a large and productive ecosystem for Smart TV application development enables developers to write applications once for many different platforms, and provides consumers with a rich source of content and services. Smart TV Alliance SDK supports a simple yet great looking interface to give a perfect connected device experience. Products from various manufacturers supporting Smart TV Alliance’s specifications will be able to run your App.


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Build Your App for Philips Smart TV's


Have your App live on Smart TV in 3 steps!
Launching your app on Smart TV is very easy. Just simple follow the 3 steps below.



Smart TV user 1. Become a Smart TV  partner
To explore your opportunities with the Smart TV simply register here for access to the Software Development Kit, development tools and documentation.
Smart TV App development

2. Develop and test App

Developing starts with filling out information about your company here and administering your App here. From here on you can start developing straightaway; you have a complete set of tools and documents at your disposal for developing and a validator tool for testing your App. For questions, you can use the FAQ and consult the Smart TV support team to answer them.

Publish on Smart TV

3. Publish App on Smart TV 
Once your App is ready to go live on Smart TV, you have to submit it for validation. We will do a final check to ensure high quality Apps for consumers. If your App complies with the Smart TV requirements, it will be approved and set live in the Smart TV App Gallery. Now consumers can enjoy your branded experience into their living rooms. Monitor the App performance with the App analytics feature of the Smart TV Partner Portal.

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